This is dummy text - All our puppies are well planned and just once in a year. We only breed for quality and not quantity. Test dummy Pet Kennels is a small select kennel striving to produce quality Leonberger dogs. We are located on an isolated island, the beautiful 12 acre property which is paradise for our dogs. Small selective kennel breeding is done occasionally to have the best quality puppies for these Champion dogs.
We are breeders of Show winners in speciality and Leonbergers. Our dogs have also excelled in Obedience, Rescue and Shows. We have some of the finest Leos with great temperament. We are also the only Leonberger Kenels. 

Shadow is our first boy who is 19 months old. He is very well behaved, with great temperament, affectionate and loving. He loves his toys and his bed?. He also loves his everyday exercise and would prefer to stay inside the house rather than going out.
Fluffy is our Second boy who is  9months old now. He is a sweet boy who is very playful. He keeps us all entertained with his funny style of playing and going about things. He is also the favourite at the dog part with everyone wanting to play with him and talk to him. Fluffy loves his food more than his toys and anybody else.

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